Find Relief for Your Aches and Pains

Everybody feels stiff and sore from time to time, whether it’s from long work days, sports, or keeping up with your little ones. We’ve come up with a gel formula that’s different from the rest—no active ingredients that create heating and cooling sensations. Instead, Rejuv gently deeply penetrates the skin with an epsom salt compound, making you feel relaxed, alleviating the aches and pains. It’s a powerful combination of botanical ingredients that makes it effective, while gradually taking effect to prevent irritation. Our products are made with you in mind, so they’re a safe and simple solution you can use regularly to keep up with life’s demands.

Muscle and joint pain can be caused by common ailments, normal everyday activities, and from putting strain on the body. ReJuv is made to relieve swelling and pain stemming from all of life’s circumstances. People usually experience a sore back from just slouching or sitting in one position for too long. Or, if you play sports and are active at the gym, sore muscles happen often and require time for rest to avoid injury. And then maybe you’re a grandparent with stiff joints from running after grandkids. Whatever lifestyle you lead, our gel formula will soothe your body with the healing power of all-natural ingredients. We’ve created a mineral and herbal blend that is locally sourced and high-quality, so you can benefit from only the best.

Reapply As Needed for Extended Wear

ReJuv gel is made from a blend of botanicals, minerals, and epsom salts for a unique combination meant to alleviate pain at the source. Reapply it as needed for everyday, extended wear that’s gentle on skin and delivers a powerful wave of relief. Our products are long-lasting so that you can quickly use it and go about your day, benefitting from its soothing, natural properties. An added bonus is that it’s a non-greasy solution that is odorless, colorless, and dries clear. Plus, you can feel confident of its safety and effectiveness knowing that it comes recommended by both athletic trainers and medical professionals alike. 

ReJuv Gel is a Lifesaver for Everyone

From the Athletes and grandparents and everyone else in between, our simple yet useful products are a lifesaver for all who try it. Get ReJuv for those days when you're feeling sore and need some quick relief. It’s perfect for painful joints and muscle inflammation that would otherwise keep you from fully enjoying your day. Although our gel is long-lasting, you can reapply it whenever you need to and get some alleviation once again. Experience the power of a deep penetrating formula designed with anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties that will make your body feel rejuvenated. 

Experience the Benefits of an All Natural Formula

Soothing, gentle, potent relief is here for you to feel like new. Soothe your body with the benefits of a tried and true compound made of all the good stuff and none of the bad. Buy our gel products, available in two sizes, online now. ReJüv makes Ü smile!

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